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I feel like I have to apologize. Because of the storms, I keep coming home to no Internet. Boo! So like Monday, today’s post is from my phone. (I’m hoping there won’t be any errors!)

Tonight we went to Sam’s preschool graduation. On the way, he requested we play Kool & the Gang’s Celebration. “Turn it up and get down!” he called from the back seat. All five of us giggled, danced, and sang along with him.

The end of a school year calls for a celebration. It isn’t something that should only be reserved for those graduating. It is for everyone. My friend, (Ruth Metcalfe (also she slices here), sent me a note today about the way she is celebrating her students in the final days of the school year. Ruth gave them each a book of pictures and time today to write captions and notes about the photos. Tomorrow they will write notes to each other around their class picture. Ruth is also giving each student an original poem she wrote for each person.

I love how Ruth continues to bring authentic and personal reading and writing experiences to her students even on the last day of the school year. It is also awesome that she is writing for them and giving a gift made from her writing.

All this makes me wonder what kind of celebrations are happening in your classrooms on the final days of the school year. Please share your ideas, hopes, and brainstorms here so we can grow ideas together.

PS–Wow! Thanks for sharing about your latest reads on Monday’s post. The conversation in the comments is super fun. 🙂

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  1. I also write a poem, based on The Important Book, for each child in my classroom at the end of the school year. I then give them a notebook and a pencil and exhort them to keep writing over the summer and to share these with me when we get back in the fall. We also do a memory book that I got from a teacher a while back but I like the idea of a book of photographs. I wonder if I can put this together?


  2. Sounded like so much fun! I have to think about what I plan to do with my class. I’ll let you know! It’s been a good year and yet a tough one! Hope to see you one of these days! I get to go to All Write Institute!!!!! Yeah! I’ll be there on Monday!


  3. Here are two favorite things I did in the classroom. Each year I am on the lookout for a goodbye poem, or I write one myself. I type and copy, laminate, and hand them out to each student. And a few weeks before the end, my class secretly drew names, and they were to prepare a special award for the classmate whose name they drew. They give them out on the last day. Every year I was thrilled by the thoughtful things they created for each other, like a totally collaged soccer ball of special soccer moments and images for an avid soccer player, or a journal partially filled with a passionate writer’s own words, etc. Students can be so helpful in these celebrations!


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