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SOLS Challenge in the Classroom

I am thrilled to hear so many plans to extend Slice of Life Story Challenge to your classrooms. Thank you to those who have shared their thinking. My friend Ruth Metcalfe (she posts in the comments as “the other ruth”),  has generously shared her reflective thinking, anchor chart, and templates for a SOLS Challenge book with Two Writing Teacher readers. To show your thanks to Ruth, please visit her blog and leave a comment or become a follower.

Click on the image to view a larger version. Ruth's reflection on how to extend SOLS Challenge to her first grade classroom.
Ruth's Chart to explain the SOLS Challenge to her first graders.

Ruth reflects on her anchor chart: Changes I’d make? Fewer words and maybe more pictures instead of words. Although I’ll use this chart as shared reading. I used a lot of words that will allow them to use what we’ve been learning in word study to solve words in reading.

Finally, I think these documents are totally cool. Ruth created a  SOLS Challenge book (click link for a PDF) for her students to use. It includes space to write a Slice each weekday. Because of the way the pages worked out, Ruth also was able to add a title page to the front and then copy the SOLS Challenge book pages front to back.

Ruth reflects on the SOLS Challenge book: The reason for small boxes is that I have 6 and 7 year olds and I don’t want them expending all their writing energy for a month on this–it’s important, but it’s not going to take the place of writing workshop projects. Also want them to get a feel for what it means to jot down an idea or gist of something they can come back to later. This is SO hard for lower elementary kids and I’m wondering if this is a way to begin. Sort of like training for writers’ notebooks.

If you plan to use some of Ruth’s ideas or her thinking is leading you to new thinking, please take a minute to hop over to her blog, Teaching with Joy and Purpose, and leave a comment or become a follower.

*If you want to share your students’ Slices with the TWT community, please share their Slices on your blog first and then link your post to the daily slice.

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