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Important Info if You Wanna Play SOLS Challenge 2011

Hello writer friends. Are you as excited about the Challenge starting as I am? Here are some important things for you to know if you are planning to join us for Slice of Life Story Challenge 2011.


Slice of Life Challenge 2011. Please copy this image to use on your 2011 SOLS Challenge posts.

  • Here is a button just for this year’s challenge. Thanks for this suggestion! I changed the color and added an 11 for 2011. Please copy it & use it on your SOLS posts.  (To do this: 1. Right click on the image and choose “Save image as.” 2. Save the image to a place where you can find it (your desktop is usually a safe choice). 3. Upload the image to your blog and use on your SOLS posts.)
  • Each day there will be a SOLS post for you to link the unique URL of your daily Slice. For instructions on how to do this, click here.
  • Leave comments for other Slicers. One of the reasons this challenge is so powerful is because of the writing community that emerges. As one new Slicer told me last week, “It feels like Christmas every time I get a comment.” Comments are gifts. Try to comment on three slices each day.
  • The challenge is to write and link a Slice every day for the entire month of March. I will close comments for the previous day each morning around 5:00 am. As long as you leave your link prior to comments being closed it counts as success. This should help some late night Slicers in other time zones or those who are bombarded with life or internet issues and need to link the following morning. No complaints though – when it’s closed it’s closed!
  • For the purposes of giveaways, you must write and link 28/31 days for one set of giveaways or 25/31 days for another. On April 1, I will post a final SOLS Challenge 2011 post. If you linked your Slices 28/31 days and want to be entered in the giveaways, you’ll need to leave a comment on this post. Random number generators will determine who gets the prizes.
  • The point of the challenge is for a good faith effort. Throughout the challenge, there will be days I feel like giving away a writer’s pack on a whim. If the whim strikes early in the day I’ll give you notice, if it strikes late, I guess it’ll be a surprise.
  • I’m excited about the positive response we’ve had about extending the Slice of Life Story Challenge to classrooms. If you are interested in sharing your students’ Slices with our community, please chose one of the following ways to share:
    • If your students are slicing from their personal blogs, please have them link their blog posts to your blog and then share the unique URL to the location of the “round up” of student slices.
    • Post a student slice  each day to your blog. This could be by scanning students’ Slices or by typing them as a post. For our purposes, you could share a different student’s slice each day. So if you post one per a day (and you have less than 31 students) every student would share at least one Slice.
    • If you have another idea, let me know. In the interest of managing the challenge and to build a writing community among traditional Two Writing Teacher readers, I think it is best if K-12 classrooms participating in the challenge share their links via a round up.
    • If you are implementing the challenge in your classroom and share student slices one of these ways, then you will be entered in the giveaways as long as you share student slices at least 25/31 days. Yes, this means you could double your chances at winning a giveaway if you enter both your classroom and yourself. Slice away! 🙂

Happy writing!

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