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Walking on Sunshine (Ruth’s SOLS 30/31)

Shoes from my mom.

I know it’s shocking that they aren’t red, but nonetheless these are my latest pair of shoes from my mom. I’ve been wanting a pair of yellow shoes, and even with the big flower on the toe, I think these are perfect. Maybe it’s because they are yellow. Maybe it is because they are bright. Probably it is because Mom bought them just for me, but I feel like I’m walking on sunshine when I wear them. And that is a very good feeling.

11 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine (Ruth’s SOLS 30/31)

  1. Co worker and I both were kids who watched they types of shoes are teachers wore. So, we like to think that shoe shopping is a necessity to connect with certain students! Those are great!


  2. LOVE those shoes…I just bought a pair (red, from Garnet Hill – they’re called Peony and the brand name is Born – for those who asked) because they looked like happy shoes


  3. Yeah, okay. I’m completely jealous. I just went and clicked on Amazon thinking to get myself a pair of these amazing cute shoes, but sigh. No wide widths. Yes, from the ankles down I’m a duck and have little wide feet. But I’ll enjoy yours from afar!!



  4. A great slice and who doesn’t love a great pair of shoes. Very fun. We are looking forward to sandal weather later this week. Enjoy the sunshine in the sky and on your feet!


  5. What a very fun post.

    I love it where photos accompany SOLSs. I have used a couple, but my problem is that I take pictures but then don’t always download them onto my computer in time for a post.


  6. Love those shoes! Have a similar pair in lime that the dog pruned. Luckily the cobbler repaired the damage and noone notices one flower has an additional petal!
    Keep them away from the pups!


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