Day 30 of 31: SOLSC

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We're delighted you are joining us for the Third Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!


Edited:  I was touched by Kevin’s heartwarming reflection via a podcast that he posted today. He reflects about why he writes for 31 straight days each March. Will you follow his lead and reflect about how the challenge has impacted you? It could even become your next Slice. (Does that make anyone else smile: a Slice about Slicing?) 

 Today is the 30th day of our month-long writing challenge! Please link your story, using the URL of the post you’re submitting, to this post by leaving a comment before 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time today. Please scroll to the bottom of this post to leave the link to your writing for the day.

Additional Notes:

  • Help make the SOLSC Community stronger by reading and commenting on at least five other pieces of writing, that other people post, daily.


  • Click here to learn more about the prizes people who write for all 31 days of March will be eligible to win. Click here to get find out about prizes folks who started the SOLSC from 3/2 – 3/5 will be eligible to win. (Both drawings will take place in early April.)

  • Chronicle Books is providing ALL Slice of Life Story Challenge Participants with a 30% off discount & free shipping for any purchases made on their website during the month of March. The promo code is TWOWRITINGTEACHERS (all caps, no spaces).