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Reading Response Letters.

Today my students took a summative assessment over the novelsthey read for their literature circles.  There were four parts to include in the letter, which aligned with the kinds of notes they took in preparation for their discussions.  Then, as a conclusion, I asked them to tell me something about their lives right now.  Wow!  I wish I would have always included this simple question.  It gave me such insight into my students.  I would encourage anyone to add this simple idea to any reading response letter students are writing.  (As a side note, I was also impressed with how many of my students used a transition to move into their discussion about life right now.  Transitions have been a big focus this tri!)

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  1. I used this with 7th graders and left the “about themselves” question wide open. It was interesting and I enjoyed the ways in which students worked this element in to the letter. The letter format seemed less intimidateing too. I enjoyed reading the letters because the students’ voices really came out, and they are actually discussing the books they have read with each other.


  2. I love the idea of asking them to tell something from their lives right now. Did you ask that it relate to the novels they had just read, or did you leave it wide open? It seems so simple, and yet somehow I never thought to do that. The more I teach the more important I realize it is to know your students in this way… Thanks, Stacy.


  3. Stacey you never fail to amazing me! I’m intrigued by the use of the words “summative assessment.” I just spent two days at the MTC (Michigan Testing Conference at U of M) listening to Karen Bailey and Dr. Popham discuss Assessment for Learning. I’d be interested in what the assessment looks like and your thoughts about summative assessment.


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