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What’s On Your Mind?

Just wondering what some of the issues are in our blog readers’ Writing Workshops.  Would you leave a comment and let us know what’s on your mind about Writing Workshop?  Don’t feel like commenting?  Then just take a second and click on the poll.

Wanna comment, but don’t know how?  Just click on the comments link on the bottom right of this post.  It’ll take you to a form — you don’t need a WordPress account, simply fill in your info and then leave your thoughts in the comment box.  Click submit comment and that’s it!  (Due to our comment moderation feature, you are asked for your email, but it is not published with your comment.  Stacey and I will have access to it, but we only use it to send helpful, personal responses from time to time about your comments!)

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11 thoughts on “What’s On Your Mind? Leave a comment

  1. Currently, getting my students prepared for the writing assessment on Feb. 25 and continuing authentic writing. We have been working on Unit 3 of Lucy’s unit of study. We are working on mechanics right now.

    I just don’t want to do a script because their essays currently are great they have such voice. I want to keep that as I introduce prompt writing. I am thinking about modeling what this would like with my own piece. I currently do not have student examples because in the past our site has done very scripted writing which is not authentic.

    I have also considered Bomer’s philosophy in her latest book.

    I can’t wait to read your replies to the others!

    Have a great weekend!



  2. I’m also having trouble getting formal grammar instruction in. I do small group mini lessons w/kids, but with testing coming up I know I need to do more worksheet/standarized test stuff. The grammar part of our state test is always in the Terra Nova format. Blah…

    I’d love to hear ideas on how others get grammar in!


  3. The Internet gremlins just ate my rant about how “meaningful sharing” is a problem for me because I feel a time crunch. It seems like we just get started on reading/writing and it’s time for recess….anyway…it was a good comment. Take my word for it.


  4. Another Amy here,

    I am wondering how to incorporate all of the required assessments into WW. My school mandates 6 traits so I should be assessing their piece on a trait. I need to be assessing on the specific skills that I taught that unit (e.g. seed vs. watermelon). I usually make a rubric that covers that but is there a better and more effective way?


  5. Something that’s been on my kids’ parents’ minds and so, thus, is on mine…how to best incorporate grammar and usage lessons into my writing workshop. I guess that falls under mini-lessons, so I voted for that.

    Some parents are clamoring for a more formalized grammar program. I try my best to explain why we don’t use one, but it’s challenging for them to grasp.

    I’m definitely curious to read the discussions that this post will lead to…


  6. I have another one…guess I’m with you Amy.

    To type or not to type? How is having student’s publish some of their work on the computer help and hold them back? Am I spending to much of my writing instructional time dealing with computer issues?


  7. Good Grief! Currently, I am experiencing a period where I feel like I need to mark all of the above. I am trying to meet the various needs of 29 second grade students in the beginning stages of a research/expository essay project. Balancing the “mini/maxi” lesson with writing time and the ever-evaporating sharing time is always a challenge. Can we go back to poetry writing?


  8. What’s on my mind—- conferring, finding new and amazing mentor texts and using them efficiently in my instruction, meaningful share sessions

    What’s on the back of my mind— Assessment, how my rubric grading translates into grades, and how to incorporate more on demand writing into my day to help prepare students for testing without compromising my Writing Workshop

    What I wish wasn’t on my mind—The state writing test my students need to take next month


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