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Ruth’s Slice of Life: Heartmelting.

This little conversation took place just after six o’clock this morning.  We were getting ready to visit a pregnant friend:

Me:  So what’s happening to W.’s belly?

My son:  There’s a baby growing in it.

Me:  curious about what he would say, Did you grow in my belly?

Him:  Nope, your belly’s broken.

A slight pause, followed by . . .

Him:  So, I guess I had to grow in your heart instead.

It’s moments like these that take my breath away and make me so thankful to be a mom.  He’ll be three on Saturday.


the supplies:
messy stamped brushes alpha number 3 brushes-n-stmaps by k. pertiet; clock parts no. 2 clock face collection by k. pertiet; moments brushes by k. pertiet; alive by graziela mendesdesigns; holiday twist by anna aspnes; beautiful you papers by jessica sprague; fonts:  ck alis writing, texas hero, homegrown doodles

download these items here:  Designer Digitals; Polk-a-dot Potato


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  1. What a beautiful spirit he has and he is so handsome! Hope he has a wonderful birthday. Would you mind if I shared this with ladies that know who are in the process of adopting?



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