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As you know, Sunday’s are for chart-making in my home. I just finished creating this week’s News & Announcements Charts (for Morning Meeting) as well as a few strategy charts for Writing Workshop. Feels good to be finished!

For the past couple of years, I’ve created letterhead, using Microsoft Publisher, for my students to use when they publish their persuasive letters. I decided, this year, that I’m not going to do it for the entire class unless all of them turn in their first draft the day after they begin drafting in class.

Why the switch? Well, it’s time consuming. However, that being said, my thought is that if I’m going to put the time into creating letterhead for a child, then I want the child to have put time into their draft by not just making it legible, but by making sure it’s coherent and contains well-developed reasons for the person to whom they’re writing.

I feel slightly mean about my decision to do this. However, when I reflected about the letterhead making, and when I began doing it for my students, I realized it wasn’t until my third year of teaching. The kids I taught for the first two years used regular paper, which is sufficient for sending a letter. Right?!!?

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