Routines and Structures: Things to Teach Kids in September So Your Year Is a Breeze!

I was doing some thinking this morning about the routines I’ll need to rehearse with my students this-coming September. My mind went from general (e.g., walking in the hallways, fire drills) to the specific (i.e., Writing Workshop). Therefore, I figured I’d post my working list of structures I want to teach my fourth graders so that my expectations for Workshop Time are exceedingly clear.

  • Transitions to and from the Meeting Area
  • Plan Boxes
  • Focus Spots for Independent Writing
  • Using the Writing Center
  • Mid-Workshop Interruptions
  • Conferring Expectations (“The Conferring Scarf”)
  • Using Charts & Mini-Charts
  • Cleaning-up from Story Surgery
  • Sharing
  • Writer’s Notebook Checking Day Procedure
  • LMK if you’re interested in me posting specifics about any or all of these.