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Inspiring Words for the Inside of Students’ Writer’s Notebooks

For the past two years I’ve included “My Writer’s Notebook/Diamond Search” by Brod Bagert inside of every student’s writer’s notebook. However, in addition to Barert’s Poem this year, I’m also going to be putting some writerly advice inside of the kids’ notebooks. These pieces of “advice,” combined with the gift-wrapping of the notebooks, should make quite a hit this year!

One thought on “Inspiring Words for the Inside of Students’ Writer’s Notebooks

  1. I know this entry is old, but I just stumbled on it – I love the ideas you shared, and I plan to include this quote in the beginning of my student’s writing journals (it is from the beginning of R.W. Emerson’s writing journal) –

    “I do hereby nominate and appoint ‘Imagination’ the generalissimo and chief marshall of all the luckless ragamuffin Ideas which may be collected & imprisoned hereafter in these pages.”

    I think that initially it might be above their level, but I hope that once we discuss it that they will “get it” and appreciate it… Just wanted to share!


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