A Call for “Day in a Sentence” Submissions

We’re happy to be hosting “Day in a Sentence” here at Two Writing Teachers this week. If you’re new to “Day in a Sentence,” which is similar to “Poetry Friday,” then just follow these steps:

  • Boil down your day (or your week) into a single thoughtful sentence.
  • Use the comment feature on THIS post to post your sentence. (Please note, we moderate comments here at TWT since we’ve had a lot of spam in the past. Therefore, if your comment doesn’t post immediately, don’t worry, it’s just in our queue.)
  • Check back here on Sunday, 8/3, for a compilation of every participant’s “Day in a Sentence.”

  • Want to add a twist to your submission?

  • For an extra-added, writer-ly, twist, try using the strongest verbs possible this week.
  • For an extra-added, artistic twist, try creating a digital layout using a program like Smilebox or Creative Delights.