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Dinner with the Indiana Blogging Teachers

I just returned home after spending the past thee days in Indiana, with Ruth, preparing for our presentation at NCTE this-coming November. [The presentation’s title has changed to “’I HATE WRITING!!!’: A Discussion About Inspiring Reluctant Writers By Writing Alongside Them,” since we felt that was more precise and focused with regard to what we were planning to discuss.]

Anyway, I digress. While I was out in Indiana, I had the pleasure to meet and have dinner with four other teachers whose blogs you might read. They’re Chocolate for Teachers (aka: Christi), A Teacher’s Life (aka: Jen), Amick’s Articles (aka: Sarah), and Becoming (aka: Cathy). It was super to connect the names/blogs with the faces and have a live conversation about kids, teaching, the state of literacy in our schools, etc. We landed up being the last ones out of the restaurant on Tuesday night.

Just wanted to mention that it was fantastic to be spend some time with this dynamic group of women!

4 thoughts on “Dinner with the Indiana Blogging Teachers

  1. Okay, so now I am incredibly jealous. Stacey, you are a great friend here. Ruth, I have learned a lot from you and we were at Shipshe together. Christie! You have been in my home! Cathy! You live one block away from me!
    That’ s all right. We are really blessed to have so many great teachers in the same area with terrific connections across the country and around the world.
    My best to each of you,


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