Teaching Craft to Kids

C R A f T

I was perusing the Heinemann and Stenhouse Websites today looking for new books about the teaching of writing. I came across a text by Elizabeth Hale entitled Crafting Writers K-6. Like other new Stenhouse titles, they preview the entire text online.

After I perused the Table of Contents, I decided to download chapter three, which is about reading-writing connections and teaching students how to recognize an author’s craft and to question why it works in that piece of writing. (Read Hale’s exact words on page 17 by clicking here.) Utilizing a simple technique and a three-column chart, pg. 28, Hale’s strategy for making Reading-Writing Connections feels seamless. It’s one we might all wish to adopt in our Writing Workshops when working with students who:

  • have difficulties identifying author’s craft.
  • have trouble mentoring themselves after a published author.