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Poetry Portfolio Guidelines

My colleagues and I met during our Common Planning Time today and solidified this year’s Poetry Portfolio Guidelines, which is an adaptation of what my fifth graders did last year. We’re going to have three sections: mentor poems/texts, original poetry writing, and responses to poems that the kids love. I’m pretty happy with it and hope the kids will find it meaningful.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Portfolio Guidelines

  1. I love your poetry portfolio idea. If possible, would you mind sharing the Poetry Craft table worksheet.

    Many thanks for sharing your awesome ideas.


  2. Stacey,

    I also do a poetry portfolio as my final unit of study. You have some great ideas as to how you lay yours out. What I was wondering was, would you mind sharing your “Poetry Craft Table” worksheet? I am very interested in seeing what it looks like and entails. I also like that you include mentor poems and analysis of poems. These are great ideas I plan to add to the portfolio for next year. Thanks for all the great ideas.


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