Confessions of a Writing Teacher

I didn’t teach the literary essay unit of study until last year. Why? I WAS SCARED TO DEATH TO TEACH IT! It seemed so complicated and so important… what if I messed up? Well, I bit the bullet last year since my rationale for not teaching it was not acceptable in my mind. I taught them last year and was satisfied with the quality of the essay.

Fast-forward to 10:00 a.m. today. My class and I are in Writing Workshop. I started conferring with my students whose drafts were due today (everything except for the concluding paragraph, which I taught them how to write today). One after another I quickly discovered that their essays were really good. In fact, each one I read made me think, “Wow. This could be a mentor essay for next year’s class.” What an amazing feeling that was!!!

I’m so proud of my kiddos for their focus in minilessons and willingness to labor intensely to write these essays. Literary essays are hard work… at any age. However, at the age of nine, they’re certainly doing an amazing job.