A Retrospective of Posts

I was on Bethany’s Blog this morning and came across a meme. Since I woke up around 4:00 a.m. this morning (couldn’t sleep), I decided to give it a whirl. So, here I am!

Here’s the drill with the meme:

Go back through your archives and post the links to five of your favorite blog posts. For me, I dug back. WAY back to the beginning. Mostly because none of those posts are labeled/tagged. Why not give a little love to the beginning. You can link to anything in your archive…
–Bethany at Mommy Writer

So, here goes with my

1. An Overuse of Craft Is…: I forgot all about this craft lesson!!! This post will either make you laugh or will make you really raise your eyebrows. Do read through to the end so you get the full picture of what went on that day last June!

2. Leaving New York City: This post only makes sense if you read the one that preceded it. Hence, please click here to read my post about “Moving” before you click on the “Leaving New York City” link.

3. Slice of Life Writing: This is how the whole SLICE OF LIFE STORY CHALLENGE started. Nice to reflect on how it all began…

4. Thanksgiving: A List Poem: This was a nice reminder, to me, of all of the things I’m thankful for every day, not just on Thanksgiving.

5. The Rules of Writing Poetry: One of my fifth grade students, who was part of DEAL WITH IT!, put together a list of “rules” for writing poetry. They’re the complete antithesis of what many of my elementary school teachers taught me. I was completely inspired by her list and posted it when we started Two Writing Teachers last June. I’m glad I had the chance to revisit it this morning.

I’m tagging the following bloggers for this:

  • Criss Stitch Drama Queen
  • HipWriterMama
  • Mary Lee & Franki at A Year of Reading
  • MotherReader
  • NYC Educator
  • If you weren’t tagged (I could only tag five people!), then please still have-a-go with this! Leave a comment here after you post your retrospective so I can read your favorite posts. 🙂