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I Am the Book

I picked up a book of poetry edited Lee Bennett Hopkins, Wonderful Words, at the New England Mobile Book Fair earlier this month. It was one I hadn’t seen before. Everything inside of it are poems about writing, reading, listening and speaking. I particularly like one called “I Am the Book” by Tom Robert Shields. Here are the first two stanzas:

I’ll be your friend
stay by your side,
contradict you,
make you laugh or teary-eyed
On a sun-summer morning.

I’ll spark you,
help you sleep,
bring dreams
you’ll forever keep
On a dappled-autumn afternoon.

Click here to get the book, which contains this poem and many others!

Poetry Friday is being hosted at Mentor Texts, Read Alouds, and More this week.

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  1. Tom Robert Shield’s I AM THE BOOK poem inspired Lee Bennett Hopkins to create a new book titled I AM THE BOOK that will be published by Holiday House in 2011.
    I am thrilled that Lee chose my poem PIRATES to be one of the fourteen poems in I AM THE BOOK.


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