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Celebrating My Artsy Side

I was talking to Ruth yesterday and realized I needed a place to “showcase” (I put that in quotes because I think it’s a bit ridiculous to use that word in this context) my artsy side. I decided, rather than clogging up this blog with non-writing related stuff, I’d start my own blog for that purpose. Hence, if you’re interested in seeing things like Wordless Wednesday pictures, scrapbook layouts, etc., then please check out my new blog (less than 24 hours old) called Crafty Creations. It’s pretty bare-bones right now, but will become larger as the weeks pass…

So do not fear! Two Writing Teachers will continue to be a place where Ruth and I discuss the teaching of writing and the act of writing in our own lives.


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  1. wanted to post on your new blog but it wouln’t! LOVE IT STACEY! I have been so inspired to work on some of my art projects… it will be fun to see what you are doing!


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