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Poetry Friday Roundup

Here we go folks!


Shelf Elf: A wonderful little haiku and a book recommendation to boot!

Jama Rattigan: Links us to a poem authored by Gregory Djanikian who is the Head of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ruth: Rocks our vocabulary world via Billy Collins.

Kelly Herold: Posts a review about another Visions in Poetry Book.

Stephanie: Writes about Elizabeth Bishop and then links us to her favorite Bishop Poem.

John Mutford: Wrote his own poem thanks to some inspiration from a mentor poet.

Liz in Ink: Links us to a poem by Kipling written a long, long time ago!

TadMack: The poems posted here will get your mind going!

Sara Lewis Holmes: Gets you thinking about sonnets.

Cloudscome: Shares a Taylor Mali Poem.

Karen Edmisten: Also shared a Billy Collins Poem.

Tricia at Miss Rumphius: More sonnets!

Little Willow: A poignant poem on for the last day of November.

Wild Rose Reader: Reminds us that Chanukkah is coming next week with this submission.

Blue Rose Girls: Ditto on the “Chanukkah is coming” thing!

Becky at Farm School: Gets us ready for another December holiday: Christmas.

Maria: Pays homage to the beloved barristas in our lives.

Kelly: Shares a plethora of information and some info on a new John Lithgow Book.

By Sun and Candlelight: Gets us ready for the new month that’s beginning (today).

Sheila: Shares a poem about the season that’s departing in less than three weeks.

Literacy Teacher: Started thinking about the snowy winter.

Eisha: Shares part of a poem entitled “I’d like to describe.”

Susan: Posted an e.e. cummings.

Becky: Posted one about Cinderella.

Susan from Chicken Spaghetti: Posts a classic Roald Dahl Poem.

Franki: Shares a new title with us.

Miss Erin: Gives us an honest review and a poem.

Robin Brande: Has a writers’ strike rap.

Michele: Gets us thinking about William Blake.

Semicolon: Shares “My Sister’s Sleep.”

Literacy Safari: Provokes our thinking about immigration with their submission.

The Simple and the Ordinary: Shares a lovely Robert Frost Poem.

Shannon Cole: Shares “You and I.”

HipWriterMama: Invites you in to a Poetry Slam.


Laura Salas: 15 Words or Less and some great tips for crafting titles for poems.

The Reading Zone: Inspired me to hold a Poetry Museum in my classroom thanks to her post.

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