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Poetry Friday Is Here! (Please scroll down to submit your poem using Mr. Linky.)

Billy Collins’ Poetry continues to inspire me. The following Collins Poem, “Earthling” was published in The Apple That Astonished Paris. It resonated with me yesterday since I spent a great deal of time working with one of my colleagues to further plan out our Solar System Unit. It’s definitely a teaching tool (i.e., when we teach kids about the difference in their weights on various planets)! Here’s the first stanza:

By Billy Collins

You have probably come across
those scales in planetariums
that tell you how much you
would weigh on other planets.

You have noticed the fat ones
lingering on the Mars scale
and the emaciated slowing up
the line for Neptune

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23 thoughts on “Poetry Friday Is Here! (Please scroll down to submit your poem using Mr. Linky.)

  1. Have you ever thought of the fact,
    That the one you love don’t love you back.
    Have you ever thought of this I say,
    They might love you more and more everyday.
    Have you ever thought the sun don’t shine,
    When you are in a relationship like mine.
    Have you ever thought the birds don’t sing,
    When you and you partner aren’t doing anything.
    Have you ever thought about an hour,
    And how they shoot past with lots of power.
    Have you ever thought of the word called LOVE,
    And how it symbolises a peaceful Dove.


  2. Thanks for hosting! Billy Collins is great.

    I’m in with some poetry slam and “What Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali. Plus Taylor’s Baker’s Dozen Secrets to performing poetry in public.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Ooh, I love that title: The Apple That Astonished Paris. And I like the first line “You have probably come across…” Gotta love those amusingly-instructive-with-a-glint-in-the-eye poems.

    Thanks for hosting.

    cheers / sheila


  4. Thanks for hosting!

    I’m in with a Christmas shopping enigma from one of my favorites, Phyllis McGinley.

    By the way, my kids and I have been doing some more astronomy lately, especially stargazing (very clear, though frigid, nights). I don’t know if you know the Singing Science site, Stacey, but your class might enjoy the songs as another teaching resource. Definitely catchy, and lots of fun,

    Thanks again!


  5. I first read a line in the penultimate stanza as “the familiar gropes of gravity”, and to be honest, I think I like my erroneous version a wee bit better.

    Thanks for hosting – I’ve got a book review up today!


  6. Gosh, I just adore Billy Collins. I have a discussion on eggs, messes and Rudyard Kipling at Liz in Ink. Thanks for hosting…


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