have you noticed the wow lately?

I’m lucky because, you see, I have this constant, little reminder to notice stuff.  I live with a toddler who notices the world and points out the wow.  Constantly. 

Walking out the door in the morning:  “Venus.  Wow.  Stars.  Wow.”

Past the Sedum:  “Spider.  Wow.”

Every 3 minutes this evening:  “Mumpkin Happy.  Wow.”  (We carved him yesterday.  Wow.)

During dinner:  “Water.  Wow.”  (Out of a cup without a spill-proof lid . . . yeah, now you understand — Wow.) 

All this wow makes me a better writer.  I notice the world and I think about it more — simply because I’ve slowed down a bit.  Perhaps this week you could notice the wow too — and jot it down in your writer’s notebook.  You’ll be glad you did.  (BTW, you could share it during Writer’s Notebook Wednesday. <smile>)

The Little Guy Who Inspired This Post

The Mumpkin Happy