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big week.

Tomorrow starts a four day workshop that I’m leading.  It’s a basic introduction to writing workshop with practical tips on how to get started.  It’s filled pastthe brim with 31 teachers and has a 12 person waiting list.  (And this happened within a week of the workshop being posted.)  Woah!

So, needless to say, I feel a bit of pressure to make it meaningful.  After all, we’re talking FOUR DAYS OF SUB PLANS the attendees have to write.   However, I’ve been leading this workshop for four years and I always feel pressure to make it meaningful.  So how will I do it?

I’m trusting in the process.  I’m trusting in the research.  I’m trusting that 31 teachers are going to leave after four days and have found meaning in the teaching of writing . . . because they’ve found writing meaningful to themselves.

That’s what tomorrow is all about — Living as a Writer (+ a general overview of writing workshop).  This may be the most important day.  It’s the day we begin to break through all the barriers that prevent us from being teachers who write and we walk the plank & put some words on the page.

I believe that in order to be effective workshop teachers, we must experience a workshop for ourselves.  So amidst the readings and videos and observations and discussions, we will take time out to experience writing workshop.

Now off to bed so I can be bright-eyed in the morning!

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