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ruth’s wn entry: take me back.

Jen’s post, Take Me Back,  inspired another kind of entry about place.  In this entry, you list all the things you love about a specific place, using as many senses as possible.  Here’s my entry:

July 4, 1999.  Waikiki Beach.  Married:  32 hours.

  1. The warm course sand under my finger tips.
  2. The dark, deep purple sky lit up by fireworks.
  3. The sweet salty air that tickled my nose.
  4. The perfectly warm air that hung around me — not too hot and not too cold, simply perfect.
  5. The crash and splash and hum of the ocean.
  6. The steady beat of my new husband’s heart.
  7. Sparks of light from spectacular fireworks.
  8. Red, green, blue, gold, silver bursts that showered down and faded into the dark night.
  9. Lights glistening off the mirror of the ocean.
  10. A strange quiet in the middle of a city void of human noise for long minutes that left us feeling quite alone.
  11. The sound of sand sifting through Andy’s toes.
  12. I hear the traffic noise on the street beside us.
  13. Tall buildings breathing down our backs and a never-ending ocean in front of us.  Diamond Head Mountain looming over the bay to our left.

Ahh, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in Hawaii.  What a  nice “getaway” this entry has been.

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