poetry friday: another one for the wn

Poetry Friday

My colleague, Tammy Hess, gave this poem to me to put in my writer’s notebook.  It’s one she gave all of her students.  One seventh grader replied, “You copied these just for us?”  Sweet, eh?

Comfortable Old Chair
By Karla Kuskin

A bird has a nest
A fox has a lair
A den is a home
If you’re a bear
I have a comfortable old chair.

Soft pillowed blue,
a flowered cloud.
The perfect place to read aloud
to myself or silently
letting long words run over me,
letting the stories I have read
make moving pictures in my heard.
New chairs are nice
but mine is best.
My spot to think in
brood in
to plot in
dream in, many dreams,
to scheme a few outlandish schemes in.
Kings need crowns to be the king
but me
I can be anything
any person
if I just have my book and chair.