ruth’s wn entry: noticings

So far this morning I’ve noticed:

  1. My son is becoming a little boy.  He smiles for the camera now.  He sits on a stool up at the counter alone now.  He doesn’t need his banana smashed — or even cut into pieces — now. 
  2. Today is my anniversary.  I’ve noticed that I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday, and yet, I don’t really remember life without Andy.  Such a paradox — something I should mull over more.
  3. Thirty is good.  I’ve been this age for five days now and it fits.  I like thirty.  I like having some life experience under my belt and yet still have so much more living to do. 
  4. I have fully embraced my creativity.  It was something that I oppressed several years ago, telling myself it was fluff.  About a year ago, I woke up to the notion that I missed this defining personality trait.  I’ve spent the last 10 months restoring it.  This morning, I was outside, looking at the world through my artist eyes and I noticed that creativity is once again a defining charactistic of mine.
  5. I love being home.  After the whirlwind of a week I had and the upcoming visit to my grandma in another state, I’m enjoying the bit of quiet time yesterday and today have brought.  Quiet is good for the soul.