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accepting the persona

I was reading through Stacey’s student’s comments about how they’ve changed as writers.  As Stacey and I were discussing this on the phone earlier in the week, I was thrown back to memories of former students.  I always loved listening to them reflect on their work as writers.  They never disappointed.  I think the reason why is because they accepted the persona of being a writer.  Reread the list of comments — you can tell that Stacey’s students have accepted their roles as writers.

 This is success in writing workshop.  Once students accept that they are indeed writers, then the real learning can begin.  I believe the older kids are, the tougher this hurdle of believing in oneself as a writer, is to clear.  By establishing a community and focusing on our spoken words, we can help students accept their fate of being a writer.  It’s all about creating a community where everyone is a writer — the teacher and the students — together.

Begin preparing yourself for this community by writing regularly this summer.  It is by sharing our own writing, that students can see first hand how much it matters.  In the previous post, Stacey shares from her student’s eyes how much it impacted them to have a writer for a teacher.

Dust off your writer’s notebook and make an entry today.  I’m going to follow Stacey’s lead and write about things I’ve noticed so far today. 

 Happy Writing!



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