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Funny, I logged on to make this post & Stacey used a similar title for her last post.  Change must be on our brains!

I’m realizing that one of the facts of life is simply:  People Change.   What we stand for at one point in our lives will evolve over time.  Our defining personality traits shift with our experiences.  Priorities change as life changes.  Those people who amaze me the most are the ones who embrace the imperfection that comes along with change; as well as those who accept the rough spots of imperfect people.

The past year has been one of change for me.  As I’ve attended All-Write’s Summer Institute, I’ve realized this is a normal part of life.  Everyone has seasons of change.  Throughout this year, I can see my seasons — the long, cold, tough winter as I felt attacked at the very core of who I am; the shedding of the old in fall; the fresh-air of spring;  and, finally, the reflective days of summer.

Like most growth, there has been some growing pains, but ironically, I’m thankful for them.  For without the struggles, I wouldn’t be who I am now.  Changed for the better.  And okay with it.

(photo taken in Chicago, October 2006)



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