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WN ENTRY: Kids on Leashes

Ralph Fletcher gives young writers 11 tips for things to collect in their writer’s notebooks. Fletcher encourages writers to notice the world around them and write about it. Here’s what I observed/noticed this evening.

I felt the droplets of rain touch my feverish skin as I left Duane Reade with my plastic bag chock-full of Tylenol, tissues, a thermometer, and other supplies to help me survive the night tonight. The rain drops picked up in speed and began to fall a bit harder. A flash of light blanketed the sky. Oh great, I’m going to get soaked!

Even though I had an umbrella, I didn’t put it up since I only had to cross 86th Street in order to get to Cold Stone Creamery. Ah, Cold Stone! I quickened my pace and strutted across 86th Street. Cold Stone was now within sight.

The rain picked up. I quickened my pace, only to find a man in all white racing to the Cold Stone Door ahead of me. If he holds the door for me, then I’ll be able to get in front of him on line.

The man held the door for me, but a tall blond woman, carrying a knock-off purse and rhinestone double-C earrings, pulled her two kids’ leashes and raced in ahead of me. I eyed her up and down, noticing that she had two curly-haired children on a blue leash and a pink leash. Shaking my head, I overhead two customers say, with disgust, “Who puts a leash on their child?” The blond didn’t flinch. I, on the other hand, just shook my head, wondering how out-of-control these little girls would be while we waited on line.

The store was humid and smelled like acetone. There were over 20 people ahead of me. However, I really wanted a “Birthday Remix,” so I decided to wait. As I did, I eyed the blond and her girls, who were remarkably placid. I was shocked since most kids go crazy in ice cream shops and candy stores. Not these two. In fact, the blond even dropped the pink leash at one point. However, the girl, who still had the pink harness around her chest, started to eye what was inside the glass counter. The blond immediately grabbed hold of the leash and pulled her back.

I couldn’t take it. I just couldn’t stand by and watch this. I left and muttered “I’m not waiting 30 minutes and watching this nonsense!” I went to Tasti-Di-Lite instead. I got something that was half of the calories and honestly, I was content.

Now if only I could just get rid of this cold!

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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