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Rituals and Transitions: Reaching Your Writers


When writing workshop rituals become woven into the daily grooves of the writing community, cohesive safe zones develop. The consistency of rituals in a classroom helps students transition within the workshop environment smoothly… Well-established rituals create the space for students to concern themselves less with movement and more with the work of a writing.

SOLSC: Crying in Front of My Class


My copy of Number the Stars Originally uploaded by teachergal I cried in front of my class today. And no, they didn’t torture me or each other to the point of tears. (Remember,… Continue reading

What scene has bothered you the most in the book?


The Soldiers Are Everywhere Originally uploaded by teachergal We’re reading Number the Stars in Interactive Read Aloud right now. The kids love the book, even though they’re disgusted with the way the Nazis… Continue reading