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ICYMI: A Recap of This Week’s Blog Series, Writing About Reading


This past week here at TWT we hosted our second blog series focused on Writing About Reading. We hope you enjoyed the posts, but in case you missed it, here is a quick look at the week and all the information shared in the pieces we wrote.

Monday: Dana shared Three Ways to Write About Thinking While Reading. Through several visuals she shared how to lift a line from text, use character connection webs and visual notetaking.

Tuesday: Anna wrote a post titled A Quick Guide to Quick Literary Essay. She took us through three simple and essential steps to helping students compose literary essay in a few class periods: Reading Interpretively, Rehearsing and Fast Drafting.

Wednesday: Stacey’s post focused on Writing About Reading in the Writer’s Notebook. With several visual examples she shared writing about fiction, making personal connections, copy changing with poetry, writing with humor and doodles inspired by an article all through the use of digital notebook tools. 

Thursday: Tara shared how to write about reading while Offering Students Choice in Reading Responses. Her post began with letter writing between her and her students, giving her a window into their reading lives. Then she went deeper asking herself questions about its effectiveness. She took us through a list of choices for students when responding to reading using: emotional timelines, setting and plot maps, illustrations, thought clouds, title art and cartoons.

Friday: I wrote about Opinion Writing in a K-1 Collaboration that started with the reading of Mo Willems’ Pigeon books. Using several forms of writing instruction, students engaged in sharing their opinions through writing.

As a finale we will be hosting our first Twitter Chat Monday evening from 8:30-9:30 EST. We hope you will join in the conversation as we dig even deeper into this topic. Use the hashtag #TWTblog when joining.

TWT Writing About Reading Twitter Chat Flyer

We thank you for reading and commenting and hope to do another blog series in the future.

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  1. I would like so much to understand and speak english better than I do now!!! I can follow your blog, but really don’t think I could chat with other people 😦
    Hope, some day, it will be possible to have something like you do, here in Quebec, in french.


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