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Classroom SOLSC Week 1- Ready, Set….

Welcome to the April 2023 Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge! 

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Click here for more information on what the Classroom Slice of Life Challenge is all about!

The April Classroom SOLSC began on Saturday, April 1 and will run through Sunday, April 30. I’ve loved reading the student slices so far! Please try to read and comment on some slices each day and encourage your students to comment on other slices too!

This week, let’s help our students develop that writing habit we established for ourselves during the March 2023 SOLSC! Many of us found that the expectation to write each day led us to live more like a writer- really looking for possibilities and stories in our days. Be sure to share some of your slices with your students and help them see where you found inspiration.

Be Inspired! 

Greenbelt writing is a powerful concept when it comes to building students’ writing joy, stamina, and confidence. Ralph Fletcher writes about it in this post and talks about it in this podcast. Not all student writing had to be– or should be– unit and assignment-based. Consider inviting students to write what Ralph calls “unpretentious prose” such as notes, collaborations with friends, sketchbook ideas, jokes, comic strips, and any other writing that might feel comfortable and joyful for kids.

Let’s Have a Conversation! 

How did it go launching the Classroom SOLSC? What lessons do you anticipate your writers will need to grow this month? What are you most excited to teach them from your own experiences blogging for 30 days? Please leave your ideas in the comments so we can have a conversation!

Questions about the Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge should be directed to one of these co-authors:

  • If your last name begins with the letters A -Q, please email questions to Leah Koch at Leah.koch7[at]
  • If your last name begins with the letters R – Z, please email questions to Melanie Meehan at meehanmelanie[at]

2 thoughts on “Classroom SOLSC Week 1- Ready, Set….

  1. I’m not going to lie, last week was hard. I had some difficult parent conferences and an autistic student who became fixated on why. “Why do we have to write?” I’ll try to get them on board this week, but this is one of those years that I have to step into day by day. I’m sure you all can relate.


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