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Thank You, TWT Community

I hate goodbyes. As a teacher, each year a classroom community is built from day one and nurtured all throughout the year, only to have it all come apart as we go our separate ways on the last day of school. I’ve said goodbye now to 20 groups of students- one of them a virtual goodbye in 2020, where the calendar eerily still read March on the last day of school. My former kindergarten students have come back to walk the hallways as graduating seniors and I’m reminded that, though we say goodbye at the end of the year, we are still part of each others’ lives in some way. When I see their smiles, I remember them as five year olds, dancing with me and learning the sounds letters make. Years have gone by, but I remember them and they remember me and I’m reminded that goodbyes aren’t always the end of the story. And, while no season lasts forever, so much goodness remains. 

I came to TWT in June of 2015 as a new co-author. At the time, I was finishing my first year teaching third grade after ten years of teaching kindergarten. My son, Alex, was four and my daughter Megan had just turned two. I was on a learning high- discovering the magic of being a connected educator via Twitter and so excited to share what I was learning about teaching third grade writers on the TWT blog. Being selected as a co-author for Two Writing Teachers was such a tremendous honor. I felt the pride and responsibility as a team member to share the best writing ideas with this warm, supportive, and inspiring community of teachers who believe in the power of writing. 

I have loved being a co-author for TWT. I have loved reading all the amazing and thought-provoking posts my co-authors share. I have loved being part of the Slice of Life community on Tuesdays and all month in March. I am a better educator, writer and person for my time spent here at TWT, getting to know all of you and sharing ideas together as we seek to inspire and teach student writers. 

My son, who was a preschooler when I started on TWT is now in middle school! My daughter is a 4th grader and I remain teaching third grade- now almost as long as I’ve taught kindergarten. I find myself in a season where I am called to read and listen rather than be the disseminator of ideas. I am excited to keep learning from the co-authors and contributing writers at TWT who have so many ideas to share with all of you! This will be my final post as a TWT writer, but I leave with a heart that is truly grateful for the years you allowed me to write and share my teaching stories and ideas about writing. 

In late May, I will be chatting with Stacey on the TWT podcast about keeping writing going in the summer months! I am thrilled to be a guest on the podcast and have the chance to connect with this community another time! 

Thank you so much to Stacey Shubitz for believing in me back in 2015 and still today! Your friendship and example have inspired me and continue to do so. I am grateful for all the co-authors on the team who I’ve enjoyed collaborating with and learning from over the last several years. Thank you to the Slice of Life community- I look forward to continuing my personal blogging and sharing my slices of life with you! 

Since I’m not too fond of goodbyes, I won’t say it. I’ll close with another song- from one of my favorite shows and please know… I mean it with all my heart!

Thank you, TWT, for being my friend, helping me grow and allowing me a space online to share my ideas and my heart.

23 thoughts on “Thank You, TWT Community

  1. Thank you for your contributions. I’ve enjoyed your posts. (Also a fellow teacher that transitioned from teaching Kindergarten to Third Grade.) Hope to see you at SOLSC.


  2. Kathleen,
    I am so sad to see you go, but I truly understand the pull to other things. I hope we can continue to connect through slices. You’ve been inspiring and encouraging. All my best for your future adventures!

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    1. Thank you so much, Margaret! I have been inspired by the amazing work you’ve done with your students and your own writing as well. I look forward to keeping in touch via Slicing! Thanks for always being so kind and supportive to me here at TWT.

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  3. Dear Kathleen: Your words have been, and will always be, a great gift to me. You’re an extraordinary encourager. I have always been awed by your great heart and your gracious manner. Here’s to all the wondrous things that lie ahead in the ongoing story of life! Thank you for everything ❤

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    1. Oh Fran- thank YOU! You know I am the biggest fan of all you write and share and have been moved to tears so often by your poetic and heartfelt words. Thank you so much.

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  4. Best wishes for a clear path, smooth road and wonderful signs along the way that you are moving toward something even more wonderful and joyful! I’ve been a follower of TWT since it’s inception and a shout out to all the TWT readers, authors, planners, and cheerleaders who have made a world of difference to student literacy. I searched for Linda Opyr but can’t locate any of her work. Your poem “You Must Tell Them This” triggered my alert for great writing prompts and I think it would be a great start for all my fellow retired teachers. Do you know if her poem is available anywhere?
    Stay strong, stay positive and stay the course. Wonderful joy ahead.


  5. Kathleen! What an imprint you have made on me as an educator. I will never forget the incredible support you gave me when my first book came out. I look forward to that podcast and wish you all the best, most fulfilling experiences that life can bring!


    1. Patty, that is extremely generous of you to say! I love your work and Feedback That Moves Writers Forward is a book I still think about often. You are a gift to the writing community and to teachers and students. Thanks so much for your well wishes!


  6. Oh Kathleen. Thank YOU. I’ve learned so much from you, and I’ve been so very fortunate that our paths have crossed. And you’re right…this isn’t a goodbye, but perhaps a…see you in March. =))


  7. Thank you for, well, so very, very much! I have been a part of this community for most of my professional life and I can say with confidence that your presence will be missed. I appreciate your thoughtful goodbye and I look forward to hearing from you as a guest in a few months! Enjoy this new part of your journey.


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