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The Two Writing Teachers Podcast: Our First Episodes

After a summer of meetings, brainstorming sessions, and a lot of learning, Amy, Stacey, and I are excited to share our new endeavor. As Stacey announced on August 22, we are launching a podcast and we have a few episodes to share…today!  It’s my pleasure to announce that the first few episodes of the Two Writing Teachers Podcast are live as of this morning! 

As Stacey explained in her recent post, we are creating podcasts with two different formats. Digging Deeper Dialogues involve unscripted conversations between us, and these conversations are up to thirty minutes. There are times when these conversations will include all three of us, and other times when there are two of us. In the future, these conversations are likely to include guests, as well.

The Tip for Tomorrow is a feature that spotlights one of us presenting an idea about writing instruction. Our hope is that these five-minute episodes inspire you with ideas you might use with writers throughout the week.

Episodes that we have published today include four Digging Deeper Dialogues: 

We have also published a Tip for Tomorrow from each of us:

In the future, you can expect a Digging Deeper Dialogue every other Thursday. We will produce weekly Tips for Tomorrow, which will go live on Sunday mornings!

Thank you to all of you who will listen to any or all of these! Please have patience with us as we muddle through learning to ask questions, affirm, and sometimes interrupt each other, for not only our own learning, but also for the learning of a wider audience. The ins and outs of audio and sound have also provided many learning opportunities, and we are continuing to improve our platforms and sound quality. Please share feedback, reflections, and ideas for future topics by emailing us at contact@twowritingteachers.org. 

We’ve already had so many positive responses, including ones from Stenhouse Publishers and Corwin Press. If you subscribed to our podcast, fill out this form by September 15, 2022 to be entered into a giveaway to win a professional text from Stenhouse Publishers. We’ll announce the five winners, who will get to pick a professional book of their choice, in an upcoming podcast. Later this fall, expect a similar opportunity sponsored by Corwin!

With other conversations already on deck, I can guarantee that some of the episodes will explore more unchartered territory in our lives of writing instruction. For now, sit back, go for a drive, take a walk… and give us a listen.

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  1. So thrilled to be working with you on this, Melanie!
    I know you won’t toot your own horn, but I am so impressed with all of the work you did behind the scenes to produce this podcast. I’m in awe of what you were able to create this summer!

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