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For over 15 years, Two Writing Teachers has been a meeting place for a world of reflective writers. Since June 2007, we’ve published nearly 6,000 posts and have had over 3.1 million visitors. As our blog approaches 10 million page views, we’ve decided to create a podcast that will serve as a companion to our blog. 

In recent years, I’ve had less time to watch TV news so I’ve come to rely on digital news articles and newsy podcasts. It’s my hunch that you, too, are consuming information in a variety of ways. As educators, my colleagues and I know you’re busy and sometimes like to multitask while you’re commuting to work, taking a jog, or washing dishes. It’s my hope that the Two Writing Teachers Podcast will keep you company at these moments while providing you with more than what we can include in a single blog post. 

Melanie Meehan, Amy Ellerman, and I will be co-hosting the podcast where we’ll talk about ways to create, lead, and sustain joyful and productive writing workshops. Occasionally, some of our other co-authors and contributing writers may join us for an episode. Our first episodes will feature us having unscripted, candid conversations around a workshop-related topic. Typically, these “Digging Deeper Dialogues” episodes will last 15 – 30 minutes. 

In addition, we’ll have a feature called “Tip for Tomorrow,” which will include one of us providing you with a tip that you can try out in your writing workshop the very next day. These episodes will be about five minutes long. 

While the three of us present to, write for, and work side by side with educators, recording our voices for a podcast is brand new to us. Given our perfectionist tendencies, we’re our own worst critics. The learning curve has been steep. That said, we ask that you give us grace as we learn how to edit the audio, take turns in a way that doesn’t garble our sound, and find our authentic speaking voices in a way that doesn’t require us to use a script.

Our first few episodes will drop on Thursday, September 1st. Until then, you can subscribe to our podcast, so you’ll be notified when each new episode goes live, by going to:

After you’ve subscribed, you may fill out the form at the bottom of this blog post to be entered into a giveaway sponsored by Stenhouse Publishers. Stenhouse will give away a free professional book – of your choice – to five different subscribers. 

If you subscribed to our podcast, fill out this form by September 15th, 2022 to be entered into a giveaway to win a professional text from Stenhouse Publishers. We’ll announce the five winners, who will get to pick a professional book of their choice, in an upcoming podcast.

For now, please listen to the trailer and tell your friends and colleagues about us. We’re excited to work together, inspiring and empowering students to be competent, brave, and confident writers. 

12 thoughts on “Announcing the TWT Podcast

  1. This is great new! I listen to Podcasts on my way to school. My new role includes providing “personal PD.” I have a “Valued Voices” section where I add articles and Podcasts. This is going right on that list!


  2. Oh wow! You all never give up!! You continue to find ways to share your love of writing with the world and I totally appreciate it. I have become a loyal podcast listener and am very excited to have already added my favorite morning, never-miss-blog post to my Stitcher account and listened to the first episode. Thank you Melanie, Amy and Stacey–and the entire twowritingteachers team–for doing whatever you can to make my classroom a better place to be!


  3. I was just telling a new teacher, who is also a former student, how much I learn about teaching high school from reading about teaching elementary students, so I’ll definitely pass along this new podcast to her and others. Best of luck to you all on this new endeavor.


  4. I’ll be tuning in. Congratulations on this next step. I appreciate your blog, and I’m sure your podcast will be equally as wonderful!


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