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April Classroom SOLSC Week 5- Celebrations!

Welcome to the April 2022 Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge! 

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This is the FINAL WEEK of the April 2022 Classroom SOLSC! Our challenge ends on Saturday, April 30th. How do you plan to celebrate? Below is a certificate you can print and share with your students who participated!

Be Inspired! 

What has inspired you about your students’ writing during this month? I’ve been impressed by students who took a craft move and ran with it! I shared a post I wrote, entitled “In My Daughter’s Eyes” and a few students made their own version, repeating the line. Some made it from their own perspective and others did it from their pets’ perspective! It was a powerful reminder to me that intentionally sharing mentor texts- from published authors, my own, and students’ writing- can really be that bridge towards a stronger piece of writing!

Let’s Have a Conversation! 

Please share in the comments what you found inspiring this month! What worked well for your students? If you have ideas to make the April Classroom SOLSC more successful for your students, please also share that with us!

Thank you so much for being an educator who writes AND an educator who encourages and inspires your students to tell their stories! The Two Writing Teachers team applauds you and your writers for the effort and energy this month!

2 thoughts on “April Classroom SOLSC Week 5- Celebrations!

  1. I was really happy that my students who accepted the challenge to write every day noticed things around them to write about. When I was introducing the challenge I showed them my posts where I wrote about a pencil or a weed and some of them took those ideas and wrote about things like their backpack or their shoes. I’m impressed that so many of them wrote every day during our Easter break–10 days without me encouraging them (except in comments, of course). We will be celebrating those who wrote with a french fry party during our lunch time.

    Thank you, Kathleen, for arranging for this and for encouraging us teachers to not only write ourselves, but to include our students. Thank you to twowritingteachers for giving us the platform!


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