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My Why

One of the reasons I love being an educator is the consistent flow of learning I experience. Even when I am not actively engaged in an intentional study of best practices or reading the latest research, the kids in front of me are a constant teacher. They provide.

I feel the same way about my colleagues here at Two Writing Teachers. By far, the most significant shifts in my practices as a teacher of writers have come from posts, conversations, collaboration, and writing for the Two Writing Teachers blog. The blog has repeatedly pushed me to think critically about what and why I do what I do. It is why my passion for teaching grows despite the weariness I can feel due to the era of education we find ourselves in today.

At Two Writing Teachers, the co-authors and contributing writers are afforded a responsibility and an opportunity to invent, process, reflect, and share from the experiences of the writers we work beside. The community of readers is also a source of energy and inspiration as many of you engage in the content through commenting, Twitter shares, and social media shout-outs. This is my TWT blogging experience, and I encourage you to consider what it could be like for you.

You Are Invited

We welcome all educators to apply — classroom teachers, literacy coaches, administrators, or other school specialists with a strong interest in writing. Since the majority of our team works in staff development/coaching capacities, we especially encourage classroom teachers to apply.

What role suits your unique experiences and abilities to share with our community? Below you will find details regarding the responsibilities of a co-author and a contributing writer at Two Writing Teachers.

Co-Author Responsibilities:

  • Write 1-2 blog posts per month*.
  • Workshop a piece of writing with the other co-authors three times per year.
  • Host Slice of Life Tuesdays one to two months each year.
  • Participate in and lead a portion of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge (i.e., co-hosting part of the adult or classroom challenges).
  • Attend a Google Hangout with the rest of the TWT team up to four times per year (usually at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on a Sunday).

Contributing Writer Responsibilities:

  • Write 2 blog posts per quarter*.

*= We take off the months of June and July plus the last two weeks in December.

Steps Forward

Being a part of the Two Writing Teachers team affords you a constant connection to thought partners. We frequently share and collaborate through email threads and group texts. Whether we are wishing each other celebratory congratulations or asking for a resource, as a team, we are a unified group of collaborators, thinkers, and writers.

As you consider your interest, you may wish to reach out to members of the TWT team. Talk with your colleagues and think about how the TWT team could positively impact you and the many people within our readership. Envision what you could bring to the team and share with the community.

Those interested may apply through March 20, 2022. After gathering interested responses, we will reach out in the weeks that follow and notify considered candidates in mid-spring.

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Note: Two Writing Teachers does not compensate any co-authors or contributing writers. We do not accept advertising, affiliate with advertisers, or receive profits from our work on Two Writing Teachers. All of our work on this cooperative blog is in an effort to help teachers improve their practice of teaching writing.