Seen, Valued, Heard: Writing to Establish Community Blog Series

ICYMI: Seen, Valued, Heard Blog Series


Today marks the end of our August Blog series. We hope you are feeling inspired and ready to build communities in your classrooms through a writing workshop. In case you missed a post or want a quick place to grab all the links to this series, I’m sharing a round-up below. Also, don’t forget to check out the winner of our giveaway!



On Sunday, Marina shared Name Studies to Establish Community.

On Monday, Melanie shared Honoring Identity to Establish Community.

On Tuesday, Therapi shared Creating Heart Maps to Build Identity.

On Wednesday, Lanny shared Writing Partnerships to Establish Community.

On Thursday, Beth shared The Riskiness and Power of Teaching Personal Narrative Writing at the Start of the Year.

On Friday, Amy shared Leveraging Shared Writing to Build Community.

On Saturday, Kathleen shared Poetry to Establish Community.

On Sunday, Stacey shared Providing Feedback AFTER Establishing Community.

Book Cover of En Comunidad: Lessons for Centering the Voices and Experiences of Bilingual Latinx Students by Carla España and Luz Yadira Herrera.


Today, I get to share the winner of our giveaway for one copy of En Comunidad from Heinemann Publishing.

Congratulations to Fran Haley! Fran’s comment on Thursday was the winner!



No matter the plan in fall for you, your colleagues, and your students, the co-authors and I at Two Writing Teachers are sending you our best wishes and support for what we know is a challenging year ahead. As educators, you are seen, valued, and heard, and we know you will work to do your best to make the coming months the best they can be.


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  1. This was one of the best (and useful) series I have seen – both on this blog and other education blogs. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, suggestions and strategies. I will be returning to these posts over and over this year.


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