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One Little Word Roundup, 2020

As we embark upon a new decade, we have reflected and set intentions for 2020 with one little word (OLW). We invite you to join us in beginning the new year with writing and sharing your OLW (or a link to your OLW post) in the comments section.

Amy’s OLW, Beth’s OLW, Betsy’s OLW, Kathleen’s OLW, Kelsey’s OLW, Lanny’s OLW, Marina’s OLW, Melanie’s OLW, Stacey’s OLW, and Therapi’s OLW.

Happy New Year!

23 thoughts on “One Little Word Roundup, 2020

  1. My OLW is grace. A word that is needed to be received and given. It’s not a word to hoard for ourselves, but one that is amplified when given and shown to others.

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