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Write. Share. Give.

WRITE a slice of life story.
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Welcome to Tuesday’s Slice of Life! As we close the book on 2019 and an entire decade, we excitedly look towards a brand new day…month…year…decade!

What glorious mistakes might you make this new year?


Tomorrow, Two Writing Teachers comes back from our winter recess. Kelsey Corter will be sharing the team’s One Little Word (OLW) posts. Have you picked your One Little Word (OLW) for 2020? We are excited to read about everyone’s #OLW and your vision for the year ahead.

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40 thoughts on “Write. Share. Give.

  1. What a wonderful day – the last of the year, and last of the decade. This slice has needed writing since October. Glad to get ONE piece in with so many wonderful TWT writers this year. Committing to one a week for 2020. (Fingers crossed!)

    This is about what I learned about life, love and learning on a couple of acres in Iowa on a tractor.


    1. I tried commenting on your post (from my phone) and it wouldn’t take so I’m leaving it for you here:

      More days that are too happy to capture with words? Yes, please!
      Best wishes for a wonderful 2020, Terje.


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