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Throwback Thursday: Setting Up for Success in the Middle School Writing Workshop

As each new year approaches, many of us begin thinking about the physical space(s) we create for our writers.  How might it/they be more effective? Inviting? Or different? The spaces we design for our middle school writers can greatly affect how they “view” writing.  For example, if we place them in rows reminiscent of the old “factory model” of education, chances are good that our students will view writing as just a “school thing.”  However, if we begin to think differently about the spaces we can control, we might open up new possibility around student viewpoints; after all, our goal is for our students to view writing not as a “school thing,” but a “life thing.”

My post this week is dedicated to helping readers think about setting up for success.  Below are some excellent posts written in the past by some of our Two Writing Teachers co-authors (past and present).  Hopefully there will be something here for everyone:

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One thought on “Throwback Thursday: Setting Up for Success in the Middle School Writing Workshop

  1. Hi Lanny,
    Thank you for this refreshing throwback. I particularly loved Creating Environments Middle School Writing Workshop by Tara and the explicit flow chart of the writing process. I would love to know how you incorporate engaging feedback/reflection practices into this process? As I teach Year 6, sometimes the students are more focussed on the finished product instead of the journey getting there. Any help would be appreciated.


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