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It’s Tuesday! Join the Slice of Life Community


Write. Share. Give.


Thank you for being here with us this Tuesday and for being an educator who writes! Write your slice of life story, link it below in the comments, then read and give comments to at least 3 other Slicers.



41 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday! Join the Slice of Life Community

  1. Blogs are great and so is Slice of Life, but if you are looking for a closed writing and art community for gathering feedback and regular sharing, you might consider this as an invitation: http://dogtrax.edublogs.org/2019/08/06/yap-net-an-invitation-to-join-a-community-of-writers-and-artists/
    (Note: This is not an advertisement — Geoff G., who created this site, did so because he wants to provide a free and secure space for teachers, writers, artists to help each other as a community. It’s free and closed. Geoff once ran the Young Writers Project site, which has allowed hundreds of young writers the same opportunity. Now, in retirement from that project, he wants to see if he can do the same for adults.)


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