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The Welcome Wagon Needs You!

welcome wagon

Growing up, I used to watch the television show, “Cheers.” I loved the opening song, especially the lines:

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…and they’re always glad you came. You want to be where you can see the troubles are all the same…you want to go where everybody knows your name.”

It’s hard to be new. Trying to fit in, trying to make a friend, trying to be brave but wishing with all your heart that someone would just smile at you, say your name, and make you feel like you belong.

For those in the community who have participated in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC), do you remember how you wondered if anyone would read your posts? Would anyone care about your stories…about you? Most of us found that there WERE other Slicers who did care, who did show up each day to read our posts and offer feedback and validation. In a sense, these Slicers were the ones who were glad we came…they learned our names and our stories and made us feel like we were among friends. Many of us came back to be part of the challenge again because we found an audience among the Slicers who read our posts and responded each day.

If you didn’t know, during the March SOLSC, the Slicers who faithfully read and respond to new bloggers are part of the Welcome Wagon. The Welcome Wagon is a team of volunteers who have previously been part of the SOLSC in March. These volunteers sign up to support the new Slicers. This means reading each post the new Slicer writes and responding daily during the month of March. It is generous and kind to be part of the Welcome Wagon and it makes such a difference to our new bloggers.

Each year, we ask you, our community of Slicers, to consider being part of the Welcome Wagon during the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. The time has come to ask again! Our 12th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) is less than two months away and the co-authors are working behind the scenes to get everything ready for this year’s writing challenge.

If you have participated in the March SOLSC before, you are eligible to be part of the Welcome Wagon, which is a commitment to reading and commenting on 5-7 first time Slicers’ blog posts each day. By doing this, you help new Slicers find an audience and feel at home in our blogging community. You help them feel like someone is happy they came and someone knows their name! Being on the Welcome Wagon takes dedication.  This is a commitment. We ask you that you consider if you have the time and energy to read and comment on your assigned bloggers for the entire month of March before signing up for the Welcome Wagon.

Slicers who want to be part of the Welcome Wagon should fill out this form. Only the co-authors will have access to your information. Thank you, in advance, for your dedication, your open hearts, and your generous comments that make first-time Slicers feel like they have found a home.


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