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The Post-it Note App and Writing Workshop

When you hear blended learning in writing workshop do you immediately envision a classroom of writers looking at a screen?  I hope you said no. If you didn’t let me provide one little tool that might broaden your view of how digital tools can be used alongside traditional tools to support students and amplify writing.

This one little tool is the Post-it-Plus app! The Post-it Plus app allows you to capture handwritten notes with just the snap of a picture. Then just tap on the notes and move them around to sort and organize. Share your note board with collaborators, change note colors for easy organization, and much more!

Oh, the possibilities:

  • Organizing story details
  • Planning a story
  • Sharing ideas with others
  • Brainstorming
  • Tracking mentor text and craft techniques
  • Word collecting
  • Taking and organizing research notes
Post-It Note App
Click on the picture to learn more! 

How could you use this app in your writing workshop?

5 thoughts on “The Post-it Note App and Writing Workshop

  1. Would this be a good tool for organizing conferring notes, as well? I just downloaded the app and will try it out. Thank you!


  2. This is exciting. Using sticky notes is so helpful when collaborating, making meaning together, coming to a common understanding, as well as marking places in texts when something big happens, like growth in a character, an amazing word. But then that work was lost, or someone had to capture it by typing it up. I’m going to download an experiment today!


  3. I can change the colors of the stickiest after I write on them?!!? Whoa! That’ll be a great organizational tool!

    This would be great after removing all
    of the stickies from a picture book after I mine it for craft moves. It’ll help for categorization!


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