Kathleen’s OLW for 2018

There are a lot of “shoulds” in my life. I should drink more water. I should keep better conference notes. I should eat more vegetables and consume less sugar. I should put my phone down more often. I should read all the books I’ve bought. I should use my writer’s notebook. I should call my friends more. I should check on my neighbor more often. I should be more up to date on doctor’s appointments. I should clean out my pocketbook…

I have many excuses for my “shoulds” not getting done. But excuses mean all those “shoulds” never seem to happen and I stay… exactly where I am.

In 2018, I want to grow. I want to learn. I want to DO more and DO better. My One Little Word (OLW) for 2018 is DO.

Some of my goals for 2018 include being healthier, reading more, writing more, thinking more deeply. I want to stop cursing the darkness and start lighting more candles. I want to become a Google Certified Educator (level 1 is a good place to start.) I want to find more joy in teaching. Do more laughing with my students, do more reading aloud- just because, do more of what makes their hearts sing with purpose than the drudgery that can so often be school.

In my non-teaching moments, I want to do more with my family and savor this unique time in our lives. I’m more and more aware of time speeding by. Where I used to have two babies, I now have a first grader and an almost five year old who will start kindergarten in 2018. Life is moving fast and the time to DO is now. Snuggle more, read together more, play together more.

In my December post, More Wishes, I referenced Amy Krouse Rosenthal and her book Textbook (not exactly a memoir). In that book, on page 305, Amy writes a multiple choice question:

In the alley, there is a bright pink flower peeking out through the asphalt.

a. It looks like futility.

b. It looks like hope. 

I’m choosing hope. I want to be the bright pink flower that peeks through the asphalt, that isn’t paralyzed by the hard coldness around her, that knows she might be alone but chooses to bloom anyway. This is my year to DO all the good I can for myself, my family, my students, my community, my world.

I’ve created a Padlet of quotes to inspire my year to “DO.”  What word will you live by this year?


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