TWT Voxer Book Club 2.0

We are so fortunate to live in a time where connection with other educators is just a click of a mouse away, or if you are using Voxer, the press of a button. I first discussed Voxer here at Two Writing Teachers in October 2015, when I introduced a Voxer book club to discuss Lisa Eickholdt’s brilliant book Learning From Classmates. In January 2016, we started another Two Writing Teachers Voxer group to discuss the importance of teachers as writers. This group is still a place where educators in our community discuss teaching ideas, ask questions, and share successes big and small. While I love to read blog posts, there are times when listening to another educator’s voice is powerful. It taps into a different modality and I enjoy listening as well as voicing my own ideas.

At the start of the summer, I read and reviewed Patty McGee’s Feedback That Moves Writers Forward. It’s a book, I believe, that can change my teaching of writing for the better…and maybe yours too. It’s a book I want to dive into more deeply, rereading it and sharing my ideas with other educators in a book club. I know that the beginning of the school year is a challenging time to ask teachers to take on anything additional. But here I am anyway, inviting you to take part in a Voxer book club to discuss Feedback That Moves Writers Forward. So why should you?

Patty writes, “Feedback is the heart and soul of strong instruction.” The way we talk to our students about their writing and the way we can move them forward is an important conversation to have and one that can change our teaching year. Rethinking some of the ways we might offer feedback and approach student writers is that important- it really can’t wait until a less busy time of year. And let’s face it- there is never an un-busy time of year as a teacher. We make time for what matters, and I believe this conversation and this book matters.

I’ve set up a schedule that I hope is reasonable. Our book club will start on Sunday, August 27th. Each week, we will read another chapter and discuss our insights, questions, ideas, takeaways and more through Voxer.

If you would like to take part in this Voxer Book Club, please use this form to send me your Voxer username and some additional information. I look forward to reading and discussing ways to move our writers forward this year!