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It’s Tuesday! Time to Share a Slice of Life!

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Write. Share. Give.

Welcome to our weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge!

At Two Writing Teachers, our entire team is very proud of our community of teachers who write. We’re especially proud of the connections that form when teachers like you comment on each other’s writing. Be sure to leave the permalink to your own blog post, and comment on at least three other posts. Maybe today will be the day you take the extra moment to seek out a post by someone new?

Write. Share. Give. Have fun.

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Literacy Coach, Consultant, Author, Graduate Course Instructor, and Mom. Passionate about fostering a love of reading and writing in learners of all ages.

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  1. Here is one that I wrote which discusses how I applied mindfulness to experiences at Space Camp for Educators this summer. 🙂


    • I really enjoyed the #SOL17 you posted today Aileen! I think I would have a number of students in my class who could and would totally relate to this story! It would be great to share it with them to also show them that they can be writers too!


    • I loved you #SOL17 story! I completely connected with all of the books you mentioned. I thought you did great job weaving them all in. I start school in a few weeks and you have made me excited to start back and share all of my own favorite picture books with my new set of students!

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