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It’s Tuesday! Write. Share. Give.

What summer writing are you doing now that will inspire your future students?

We are glad you are here to share your story. Please leave the link to your blog post in the comments and be sure to read and comment on three other blog posts. Comments keep our writing community connected.

Two Writing Teachers returns from our July Blogging Break next week, August 1st, with our new blog series on Writing Workshop Fundamentals. Mark your calendar for our Twitter chat on Monday, August 7th at 8:30 pm EDT.

If any Slicers are attending TCRWP next week (the week of July 31) and are interested in meeting up for lunch with Stacey, please send her an email at

Happy Slicing!

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    1. Two things stuck out to me in your post: “unretirement lifestyle”: what a fantastic term! I hope to live like that someday. And thank you for honoring ALL voices in your career. As an ESL teacher, this is something I try to keep teaching others, and re-learning myself.


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