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Rolling Out the Welcome Wagon!


welcome wagon

My very first blog post for the Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC), in March of 2015, was a poem. I pressed “publish,” linked my post, and nervously awaited feedback. When the first comment came, I breathed a sigh of relief! Channeling Sally Field- “They like me! They really like me!”- I felt so validated and so welcome in this community of educators who write.  The experience of blogging during the Slice of Life Story Challenge transformed my life in many ways- giving me a voice and opening up opportunities I never would have known. The comments I received from the other Slicers are what pushed me forward and encouraged me to keep writing each day.

This community of educators, here at Two Writing Teachers, is like no other. Generous, open-hearted, and passionate about life, writing, and teaching. Each year, we ask you, our community of bloggers, to consider being part of the Welcome Wagon during the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Our 10th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge is less than two months away and the co-authors are working behind the scenes to get everything ready for this year’s writing challenge.

If you have participated in the March SOLSC before, you are eligible to be part of the Welcome Wagon, which is a commitment to reading and commenting on 5-10 first time Slicers blog posts each day. By doing this, you help new Slicers find an audience and feel at home in our blogging community. It is a generous act of “paying it forward”, since likely someone was assigned to you during your first year of Slicing.  However, this is a commitment. We ask you that you consider if you have the time and energy to read and comment on your assigned bloggers for the entire month of March before signing up for the Welcome Wagon.

Slicers who want to be part of the Welcome Wagon should fill out this form. Only the co-authors will have access to your information. We thank you in advance for your dedication, your open hearts, and your generous comments that make first-time Slicers feel they have found a home.