Communicating With Families: Assessment Strengthens Writers


communicating-with-families“Good evening and welcome,” I say to you as you walk in the classroom. We shake hands and exchange pleasantries. It is Parent/Teacher Conference night and my opportunity to talk with you about how your child is progressing in third grade.

When it comes time to talk about writing, you, of course, want to know how your child is doing.

And I take a deep breath….

There is so much to share with you about the writing instruction that takes place in our classroom. Last year, I created a presentation on The Parent’s Guide to Writer’s Workshop, to try to answer some of the questions parents often ask about a workshop approach to teaching writing. But tonight, you want to know what our grade level expectations are and how your child is progressing. You are also curious about how I assess your child as a writer.

I tell you that early in the year, I ask students to complete a writing interview (inspired by Dana’s post). This helps me get a sense of what your child is interested in writing and how he feels about writing. I let you know that I observe the students, note who gets to work right away, who needs more time to think, who tells me she can’t think of anything to write. The goal is to use these noticings for future small groups and conferences, to help teach the writer just what he/she needs to develop more stamina and independence.

I explain that we do an “on demand” piece prior to starting a new unit of study. This past one was a personal narrative. I show you your child’s piece and we look at the expectations for personal narratives in third grade.  We notice how your child is currently not writing in paragraphs and that is one skill we will work to develop.  We notice that your child is writing with voice and using bold letters and punctuation to create an effect. We celebrate this!

Together, we look at your child’s blog posts and discuss how the blog will be a type of digital portfolio, helping us see how your child grows as a writer through the year. By June, we hope to see writing with more stamina, elaboration, and more control over conventions. We discuss your child’s excitement about blogging and willingness to write even on the weekends.

I share that conversations with your child is another powerful way for me to assess how he is growing as a writer. When I confer with him, I can see how the writing is going and if he is trying out some of the strategies being taught in the minilesson. The conference is also a time for me to teach him something targeted to help him develop.

Our conference time is over, and I hope you have a better idea of how I get to know your child as a writer- the ways I use assessment to understand your child’s current attitude towards writing, skill level, and stamina. These assessments help me to plan the next best steps to strengthen your child as a writer.

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